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I dont know about other major towns but here in Munich we have a huge parking problem around the major company buildings. The problem is that the city does only allow a certain amount of parking lots per building to push people towards using public transport. As the result there is in no possible way to provide enough parking places for even half the company located in the building. Even when the company has two dedicated levels of underground parking.

However about 30% of the parking spaces are always empty. How can that be?! Well people are on vacation, sick or  are simply working from home and nobody knew about it or the person supposed to use the parking place took the public transport instead or got sick himself.

The Idea: gamify parkplace sharing

The above problem was discussed countless time and every year employees complain about how difficult it is to find a parking place. So one day I came up with this idea to solve the problem by creating a gamified platform for sharing parking place with other employees. But why gamified?

Gamified because there must be a motivation for people that already own a parking space to share it with others. If there is no motiviation for them to share their parking space, nothing will change, since it all depends on them. And what better way to think of, than the Octalysis Framework.

My basic idea is to use the following mechanics:

  • Users that do not own a parking lot can go to the website the day before and reserve a random free (shared) parking lot for the next day.
  • Users that own a parking lot can decide if they want to make it available automatically and reserve it if needed or if they want to make it available if needed.
  • Free parking lots can only be reserved the day before to make it fair to everyone.

To make things more interesting I plan on including certain game elements and motivation factors, like leaderboards and a gift system for users that share their parking lot often. Depending on how this pans out I will also create an Open Source application that you can adapt for your own company or needs.